Advanced Test Management and Certification Labs (ATMCL) is a Seattle-based wireless device testing laboratory offering test products and services to the wireless industry.

ATMCL was founded on the principle of distributed testing. Traditional “test houses” have long operated by making huge capital investments in test equipment and facilities to build their laboratories at a fixed location. This is no longer a cost-effective approach. The high equipment costs, rapid evolution of test equipment and test requirements and the ongoing maintenance and staffing costs of such facilities makes this no longer feasible. Such test houses find themselves continually compromising quality, coverage and cost-effectiveness to their customers so as to remain viable.

ATMCL believes that the physical location where testing is executed is largely unimportant. A full range of test services are available to clients using a combination of facilities including our state-of-the-art accredited test laboratory in Seattle along with facilities of our various partner facilities including Apkudo and CTTL. With this network of providers along with US-based project management and advanced test management tools and systems, ATMCL can offer a virtual “one-stop shop” for all wireless device testing and certification needs with a higher efficiency, quality and cost-effectiveness compared to traditional test houses.

With advanced communication tools, remote services and streamlined logistics, ATMCL has unrivaled test coverage for wireless devices and offers those services with the highest quality and cost effectiveness.

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Address: 8969 Kenamar Drive, Suite 105, Seattle, CA 92121


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USA:Telephone: +1-858-342-8435

China:Telephone: +86 18612352903

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